Summer Youth Camp

Each summer all youth from the CD, along with other local churches, attend Sand Hill Lake Bible Camp in Fosston, Minnesota. They spend a week meeting new friends, building close relationships with each other, and having deep conversations about Christ. All youth ages 10 – 18 years (or the summer after graduation) get to join in on the fun!


Here's some (hopefully) helpful answers to some camp questions:

When is camp?

Camp is usually the last week in July and/or the first week of August. This year it is July 29 – August 3. Registration is from 4-5 pm on Monday, July 29. We hope to see you there 🙂

What do we do at camp?

We have a whole bunch of fun at camp! You will meet new friends & build close relationships with them, play TONS of exciting games, do some fun activities, and have deep conversations about Christ and His Kingdom.

What should I bring or shouldn't bring?


  • Sleeping bag or bedding
  • An adequate amount of clothes (you will be there for 6 days and 5 nights)
  • Modest swimwear
  • 2 towels (1 for lake & 1 for shower)
  • Toiletry Items (deodorant!)
  • Any prescription medication that you might need (this will be given to the camp nurse when you arrive)
  • An awesome attitude 🙂
  • A Bible if you have one!


  • Canteen money ~ $10-20
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen….. and aloe 
  • Snacks (especially for the car ride)
  • All your amazing talents 😉
  • Water bottle
  • Note book, pens, etc.

Things that need to stay at home

  • Cell phones (if you bring one, it will be handed in once you get to camp) 
  • Drugs and alcohol 
  • The grumpies
  • Inappropriate clothing (if you question it, don’t bring it)
  • Weapons
Where do I sleep?

The camp is split into two groups (Junior Camp: 10-13 yrs and Senior Camp: 14-18 yrs) and each group has a male and female cabin. The cabins themselves are split into four different rooms. Each camper will stay in one of the rooms along with around 5-9 other campers and 1 or 2 counselors. The rooms consist of bunk beds and cubbies for storage.

Who is the speaker?

This year’s speakers for Jr. Camp are Bryant Swiers from Strawberry Lake Mennonite Church in Ogema, MN and Logan Pikop from Stony Brook Church in Omaha, NE.

The Sr. Camp speaker is yet to be determined.

What is the cost?

Cost: $250 per camper. If applicable, please pay your church, or the youth group you are going with, the amount they have set for you. This can be less than $250 if there are sponsors or fundraising done and the amount could be more than $250 if the cost of travel is needed. Please check with your youth leader in order to pay the right amount to the church. If you are attending camp with no church or group affiliation the amount is $250.

Youth leaders: please bring one big check with you to camp at the rate of $250 per camper, leaders are free. Checks can be written out to Central District Youth.